Construction Technology Equipment

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Laser scanning buildings

Laser scanning in construction accurately measures objects, surfaces, buildings, and landscapes.

As an essential tool, 3d laser scanning equipment for buildings compares what is being installed to what was designed allowing for better built projects. Utilizing 3d building scanning, our clients can collect data finding issues on construction projects resulting in huge cost savings with more efficient installations and projects.

construction technology equip

Leica® Detection Equipment

Detection equipment is easy to use for accurate detection without expert knowledge.

Whether it is ground penetrating radar, utility detection radar, or C-Thrue concrete scanner, Building Edge, the construction technology consulting firm in Atlanta, has the perfect product for our client’s projects.

GPS construction and GNSS

Construction gps increases productivity compared to conventional methods.

The efficiency on a construction site is enhanced by Leica gps tracking for construction equipment. Requiring less training, users measure where it was not possible before with improved quality control. The seamless integration of the Leica building GPS and the field software leads to simple workflows which avoids costly downtime.

total stations

Construction Total Stations

The best robotic total station for construction layout is from Leica.

With these modern digital layout techniques, the Leica total stations are designed for reliability and longevity with hardware that gives our clients many years of rough usage in the most difficult conditions. The level of quality of the total station construction layouts provides accurate data, with less downtime for higher productivity high in all situations.

Product Software

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Cut & Fill

Drill Pattern


Auto Desk Bim 360 Software

ProCore Services Software

BlueBeam Studio

Bricsys 24/7

Conx For ICON



ICON – ICG70 Dynamic Lock (ICR80 Only)

ProCore 1Y, 2Y, 3Y (ICR70/80 Only)


Register 360


Field 360



Powered by Jetstream






Multiworx for AutoCad

Leica DX Manager Mapping

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